Talking To Wargaming Dev Team: China Plane Tree Coming Next Year





2P caught up with Wargaming dev team in Chinajoy 2014 and talked about World of Tanks new patch and new mode, World of Warplanes updates, Chinese warplane and more...

TL;DR: We summarize the Interview

World of Warplanes:
  • PVE mode will be added in Patch 1.5, and ground targets will be upgraded.
  • China Plane Tree will be released next year, and more premium planes are on their way this year.
  • E-sports system can refer to World of Tanks.
  • Consider making Mobile Game.

World of Tanks:
  • Update 9.2 will launch next week, with the new Clan-based game mode Strongholds.
  • Italy Tanks will serve as European Union tanks rather than a individual vehicles tree.
  • No tier 11 Tanks developing plan now.
  • Consider XBOX One Version in China in the future.

World of Warplanes

What's the new content in World of Warplanes 1.5?
There are two large updates in patch 1.5; Firstly we will introduce PVE mode. For newcomers, they can know the game better; For the veteran in World of Warplanes, they will have more chances to practice their tactics and skills. Secondly, we will upgrade ground targets which used to regard as a whole in the past. In the new patch, we prefer to name it comprehensive ground targets. For example, a foundation is divided into several parts with different armor thickness, attribute and Health. Correspondingly, different weapons have different armor penetration. light armor could be penetrated by gun while the heavy armor could only be destroyed by rockets or bombs.

Could you tell us more about PVE?
Three players could team up or you can play solo mode by filling slots with bots, and your opponents are all bots. we aim at increasing players understanding of maps and planes.

Will the Story Mode or Historical Battle be added in PVE?
We are planning to do this, but not in PVE more. they will be individual modes.

We all know that there is China Tank Tree in World of Tanks, so have you considered adding more Chinese element after World of Warplanes launching in China?
Actually, we already have much Chinese element in World of Warplanes now. Although we don't have China Plane Tree, we have 5 advanced Chinese planes which were used during or after World War 2 with Chinese symbol on the plane.
As for China Plane Tree, it was under development when the game official released. Now there are still some details and data we need to adjust. We talks with the dev team about this every day.

There is a very good E-sports system in World of Tanks, so what's the World of Warplane's next plan in E-Sports?
World of Warplane must be a very good competitive game with highly skilled require. However, we focus on developing more interesting modes including PVE now. When the existing modes are good enough to let our fans enjoy the game, we will put World of Warplane into E-sports stage by using our World of Tanks system.

Okay Last question is about mobile game, World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile version of World of Tanks. Will you release mobile version of World of Warplane?
We haven't done that until now, but it's a considerable plan. In any way is Mobile Game industry great potential to be developed.

World of Tanks

When will World of Tanks update 9.2 launch in China?
Update will arrive in next week by bringing the new Clan-based game mode Strongholds.

Could you tell us more detail about Strongholds?
Strongholds is a new game mode for clan players. In the past, only a small number of players can play Clan Wars. However for many players who have joined clans for a long time, they hope to have this kind of fight. Therefore, Strongholds mode provide an opportunity for those primary clan players. A clan with more than 15 players could play in this mode.
Strongholds in 9.2 is the premiere version, and we will release a whole Strongholds during the follow patches. So you can experience Strongholds mode below level 3 in update 9.2.
If you're not in a Clan, you can find one at the Recruiting Station.

We have heard that Italy Tanks are under development as well as the tier 11 tanks. Could you share us some information about these?
Exactly, Italy Tanks are under development, but Italy Tanks will serve as European Union tanks rather than a individual vehicles tree. As for tier 11 tanks, if we add it, it may ruin the balance completely. We need to redesign the whole game balance, so we haven't considered releasing higher than tier 10 tanks so far.






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