Merlini to Replace Purge for KDL Season 3

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Earlier today, Ben 'Merlini' Wu announced on his Youtube channel that he'll be standing in for Team Zephyr for the duration of Season 3 of the Korean Dota League. 

The situation was further clarified by William 'Blitz' Lee on reddit: 
Quick facts: Ben will be playing for us for only a season, we couldn't find anyone else for just the Season 3, he'll be replacing Purge, but Purge will still be around for the rest of the year. Roles wise we haven't figured it out, but most likely I'll be playing offlane, Merloobi mid.

Regarding Purge, Blitz added the following: 
He's been full time committing with us for around 8 months, and just couldn't find the time anymore to do managerial duties, on top of having to actually play. It became way too stressful overall, as he was the one handling all of our finances etc, and managing the house while having to play.
Merlini, whose professional Dota career started as early as 2006, has been opting to work as a caster/analyst at BeyondTheSummit in the recent past but will return to the scene as a player for a brief spell with Team Zephyr.

Sources: Merlini's Youtube, /r/dota2


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