Monster Hunter Online Hands-On:7 Features Pillaring the Game

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Tencent Games, one of the biggest game companies in China announced this April that they would team up with Capcom to develop Monster Hunter Online (MHO), a free-to-play MMORPG set in the Monster Hunter universe. The game is aimed at the international market, not just China. Moreover, it runs on CryEngine 3 and has entered closed beta test on June 28.

Recently, we took a visit to Tencent's Shanghai Studio, and got a chance to get our hands on the in-development action MMO.

There are 7 traits that make up the basic structure of Monster Hunter Online:

1.  1. No Class Restrictions. Weapons are classes.

All weapons and skills are available for players (all players are "hunters" in Monster Hunter Online). Players don't have to specialize to certain "class" to get certain weapon.

The distinctive characteristic is that when a "hunter" gets a different weapon, the hunter will be able to unlock totally different skills. In MHO, there are 4 kind of weapon: Sword and Shield; Great SwordTachi; and Bowgun.

Sword and Shield: When hunters use Sword and Shield they can attack fast. And when they attack, their actions are quite fancy. However, the damage is relatively small.

Great Sword: Although using Great Sword will decrease the speed of attack, great damage and realistic blow feedback can compensate for that.

Tachi: Tachi is a type of Japanese sword. It cannot be used to block attacks from monsters, and also cannot cause great damage. But when a hunter uses Tachi, the way he/she walks will be different. Controlling Tachi requires high flexibility.

Bowgun: It is a bit complicated to control Bowgun. There are charged attack and normal attack. When a hunter chooses to use Bowgun, there will be a sniper-scope on the screen which renders a FPS game feeling. 

sniper-scope view

Because the special settings of Monster Hunter Online, changing weapon equals changing classes or schools. Weapons are classes.

Below is a showcase of the four different weapons:

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