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Dota 2 Techies Guide: "Okay, let's blow something up!"





Goblin Techies is historically one of the fan favorite heroes from Warcraft Dota. Though he is still currently an unreleased hero in the current patch of Dota 2, thanks to the recent Compendium hidden stretch goal at $6,400,000, the long-awaited Techies will be the next hero to be released in Dota 2 sometime after The International 4. In the Allstar match at TI4, EG.Arteezy selected Sniper, which then surprised the world and turned into Techies, making him the first person to use Techies in an official match. Today we will share with you a guide to playing this hero, from the basics to some more advanced stuff.

Abilities(Source: Dota 2 WIKI):

Land Mines

1. The full damage radius is 200, and the explosion deals less damage if the target is farther away. Because people are usually scared back when the first mine explodes, the best way to plant mines is normally stacking them on top of each other.
2. Land Mines can damage structures. The damage type is Composite which means it can be reduced by Armor and Magic resistance. The structures have armor but no Magic resistance. Take a tier-1 tower for example. Tier-1 towers have 20 armor, which means they can reduce this incoming damage by 54%. Therefore, a level 4 Land Mine could deal around 276 damage to a tier 1 tower. If you leave Techies alone, he can deal tons of damage to your structures and push down your barracks in a flash.
3. Land Mines can go through magic immunity.
4. Land Mines have a small sight range.

Stasis Trap

1. The trigger radius is 200, but the stun radius is 450 which is as large as Faceless Void’s Chronosphere.
2. It takes about 3 seconds (1 second cast time and 2 seconds detonation delay) to plant and activate a Stasis Trap, so heroes with more than 3 second control skills are the perfect combo with Techies such as Bane, Shadow Shaman, Faceless Void and Naga Siren.
3. Theoretically, you can have 13/18/25/36 stasis traps at the same time, so make a habit of planting Stasis Trap whenever it’s available.

Suicide Squad, Attack!

1. The highest damage AOE skill in Dota 2. The full damage radius is 200, and the explosion deals less damage if the target is farther away. The damage type is composite but it can’t damage structures.
2. Techies' death time is halved when it uses this ability, and the hero also gets XP for the kills secured by Suicide and does not reward gold or experience to any enemies. So don’t neglect your suicide skill – it will always be better to die this way!
3. Suicide can damage magic immune heroes.

Remote Mines

1. Remote Mines have larger explosion radius and higher damage than Land Mines.
2. The Remote Mine is 200 HP and deals Magic damage, thus being reduced by Magic resistance but not armor.
3. If destroyed by attacks the mines will still explode and deal damage to nearby enemies.
4. There is no direct cap to the amount of Remote Mines you may place on the map at any given time - it is only limited by the cooldown/duration.

Recommended Skill Build

I suggest you level up Land Mines and Suicide Attack as early as possible because mines can deal tons of damage to structures and Suicide Attack can secure kills in the early and middle stage of the game. Just be sure to get 1 level in Stasis Trap before Techies level 11. If there are strong disablers on your team, it’s doable to level up Stasis Trap prior to Suicide Attack before Techies reaches level 11, however there isn’t a significant improvement on the Stasis Trap’s Stun Duration time (increase 1 second per level) between each level. Some players might also prefer to level up their Suicide Attack as early as possible, if certain combos are planned for very early disruption of enemy lanes – but this strategy is generally a lot riskier than focusing on land mines for control.

Item Selections

1. Soul Ring

If you're looking for a hero that uses this item well in Dota 2, the first to spring to mind are probably Tinker and Enigma. However, Techies is another such hero for whom this item should be a staple. It can single-handedly relieve the mana cost pressure in the early stage of the game, and thus allow you to cover the map in mines. Therefore don’t buy too many Clarities and rather build Soul Ring as soon as possible.

2. Force Staff

Force staff can increase the threat of mines potentially, allowing you to push enemies into mines. This 600 unit pushing range also be used to counter enemies’ Gem of True Sight sometimes. Of course, this item might also help you to land a high impact Suicide sometimes.

3. Aghanim’s Scepter

Aghanim’s Scepter is another core item for Techies as it substantially boosts the power of Remote Mines. This is probably your main late game item on this hero.

4. Shadow Amulet

Though perhaps less common, Shadow Amulet can improve Techies’ survivability while planting mines, being able to hide in in plain sight between cooldowns.

5. BloodStone

Great Mana regeneration item; moreover in combination with the skill Suicide Attack, it will let Techies respawn instantaneously.


1. Arcane Boots

Many people may feel confused as to why I list Arcane Boots as an optional item for Techies. The reason is Boots of Speed + Staff of Wizardry + Soul Ring can replace Arcane Boots + Soul Ring in the early stage of game. The price of both item builds are the same. Staff of Wizardry is one of Force Staff components while Energy Booster is a necessary item for Bloodstone. I suggest build a quick Force Staff and then choose Boots of Travel in the late game.

Whatever you choose, here is a tip for you to replenish extra mana by after using Soul Ring.

Drop Staff of Wizardry or Arcane Boots -> Use Soul Ring -> Pick up Staff of Wizardry or use Arcane Boots

2. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

One good combo is sweeping up your target then planting two mines. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity could also counter your opponents running into mines deliberately with Blade Mail and Necronomicon.

Top 5 Heroes to Combo with

Top1: Bane

Nightmare and Fiend’s Grip are two long duration control skills which are perfect for planting mines and committing suicide.

Top2: Magnus

Magnus can use Reverse Polarity to stun enemies and skewer them back to the mine area.

Top3: Tiny

Techies plants enough mines in one position and stays on the mined area then Tiny tosses an enemy back to Techies. Fans of the Suicide build will also definitely enjoy the 'Techie-Grenade' combo with Tiny!

Top4: Pudge

Techies can plant some mines on Pudge’s position. If Pudge casts a successful hook and triggers the mines, it’s easy to secure a kill, especially in the earlier stages of game.

Top5: Tusk

Snowball is a good skill for Techies to guarantee a full damage Suicide Attack.









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