War-themed MMORPG "Flag On" Starts Alpha Test in Korea on August 14

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Flag On

WEBZEN today announced that its new war themed MMORPG "Flag On" is set to start Alpha Test in Korea on August 14.

Developed by Gamenetworks, Flag on focuses on its exclusive guild gameplay. In this game, players can gain a wide variety of tradable items through guild activities. As the basic element of the entire MMORPG, the PvP of this game features the guild war and battleground that enable different players to team up with each other to fight against enemy team through the mode similar to AOS from another Korean MORPG Closers Online. The smart use of combat course and system will be the key to win victory in guild war and battleground. 

Flag On

Additionally, the firm also announced that the another action MMORPG Project M2 is slated for beta test and release this year. Stay tuned. 

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