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Do you realize that a Cosplay feast is coming? In the upcoming ChinaJoy, Blizzard Heroes Cosplay Show China final will kick off. A mount of Cosplayers signed up for the competition. After intense preliminary contests, 16 Cosplayers, as follow, got the chance to China final in this year’s ChinaJoy, which will be held in ShangHai during July 31th to August 3rd, 2014.

Paladin Tier 2 Set – Hao Lu

Paladin is a noble class. Believe that you should have a deep impression on its Tier 2 armor set ‘Judgement’. And in this year’s ChinaJoy, Hao Lu is going to dress up the set to participate in the Cosplay competition. He may be able to bring you surprise and brighten your eyes at that time. 


The Raven Lord – Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang has ever participated in last year’s Blizzard Heroes Cosplay show, played as the female Monk of Diablo III. But this year, she will bring a breakthrough work to the competition. She will play as the Raven Lord which is first costumed in the world. 


Jaina – Wenxiao Wang

“My Magic will tear you apart”, in Hearthstone, Jaina always brings you fear with the treat. And Wang will play as Jaina at this completion. Believe she will bring us a powerful Jaina.

Rage Winterchill – Yijie Lin

Do you remember Rage Winterchill, who is a boss of Hyjal? Lin, a senior student, may be able to remind you of the boss by his cosplay. It is worth mentioning that Rage Winterchill Cosplay is also the first appearance in the world.


Blood-Queen Lana'thel –Virilio

Virilio is an experienced Cosplayer. She prepares for the competition for a long time. So, do you eager to be bitten by the enchanting Blood-Queen?


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