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2P to Host NA/EU Qualifiers for WEC Hearthstone World Cup with $62000 Prize Pool

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Around a month ago, Diba Network Technology and Shanghai Boyu Cultural Communication held a press conference announcing the largest prize pool for Hearthstone thus far with $62,000! This is a part of the newly created World E-Sport Championship (WEC) which will be held annually starting this year, also including Dota 2, SC2 and Warcraft 3. The main event will be held in the Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou, China from September 6th to 8th.

The main event for Hearthstone will feature 8 players from different parts of the globe having people qualify via regional qualifiers for EU, NA, CN and KR (2 players qualify from each region).

2P.com is here to proudly announce that we will host the qualifiers for NA and EU region. More details can be found below:

Event Schedule:
  • EU Qualifiers: July 25 - 27 at 18:00 CEST
  • NA qualifiers: August 1 - 3 at 15:00 EDT/ 12:00 PDT
  • Day 1: Winner Bracket Round 1 & 2; 
  • Day 2: Loser Bracket Round 1 & 2 & 3
  • Day 3: Winner Bracket Finals & Loser Bracket Finals & Grand Finals (Show Match)
  • 8 man invitational with Double Elimination format.
  • All players must have 4 classes and decks submitted before the start of the tournament and keep the same decks throughout the tournament. Changing the decks will result in a disqualification.
  • All four classes will be public information. At the start of each match, you and your opponent will ban one of your opponent's classes.
  • Winner keeps the deck, loser changes to another deck. Each deck can only be used once.
  • All released Naxxramas cards are available.
  • The top 2 players in each region qualify for the offline event in China.
  • The top 2 players will play a show match after the tournament winners have been decided.
  • Each match will be a Bo5. The winner's show match will be a Bo7 without the ban system.
  • No sideboarding during the tournament.
  • The 2P Qualifier Tournament admins will have the final say on all rules, and any issues that may arise throughout the tournament. 
Live Casters for EU Qualifiers:
ThatsAdmirable & Frodan

EU Invited Players:

NA Invited Players:

Bracket for EU Qualifiers:

Bracket for NA Qualifiers:

All games will be live streamed on 2P's twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/2p_entertainment.

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