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Age of Wushu China to Introduce Housing System in Next Update

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With the new expansion of Age of Wushu China drawing near which will go live August 8, a lot of new features have been revealed by Snail Games. In the new expansion, the housing system will be added into game.

You can choose all types of "houses" as your home like the Chinese traditional houses or even a carven.

Age of Wushu

You are able to decorate your home with different sets of furniture, paintings, plants, candle lamps which can be lighted and blew out and even pets. Check out the demo below.

Besides, the housing system also allows you to break locks and sneak into another player's house.

Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is Snail Games's topnotch sandbox MMORPG that lets player become an aspiring Kung-Fu master and experience the captivating, oriental world of Ancient China. By combing revolutionary combat with beautiful renderings, players will master a variety of martial skills as they delve into a uniqueself-realization path to the pinnacle of power.

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