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Name Your Weapon in DUST 514 by Killing a lot of Other Players

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DUST 514, the free-to-play MMO shooter tied-in EVE Online, recently unveiled a new competition that allows players to leave their name on the weapons by killing other players. The players who uses the weapon in a specific category ranging from Assault Rifle to Shotgun and gets the most kills in a single weekend during from now to July 21st, will be able to win the chance to name a new Officer variant in the specific category. The example CCP gave in the announcement will help you understand the rules fully. Check it out below.
For example, if you were to achieve 500 kills with a Duvolle Assault Rifle and 200 with a ‘Construct’ Duvolle Assault Rifle, your score for Assault Rifles on that weekend would be 500, not 700. If 500 was the highest score during a single weekend over the duration of the event period, you would be given the chance to name a new Officer variant of the Assault Rifle.
It is worth mentioning that "weapon names are not restricted to the name of the winning character, but are still subject to approval from CCP". To learn more about this event, you can check out DUST 514 website.

Source: Official Announcement


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