MOBA Infinite Crisis Closed Beta Coming on May 8th

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Infinite Crisis

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) seems to be a popular game genre recently. Infinite Crisis, a DC-centric MOBA from Turbine, will start closed beta on Wednesday, May 8th. If you are interested in thi s game, head over to the official website to sign up for a chance to be one of the testers.

Infinite Crisis

Along with the cbt announcement, Turbine also released new key art highlighting the Multiverse variants of Wonder Women, a nod to the character variations found within Infinite Crisis.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is described to be "a free-to-play PC  game featuring a deep roster of DC Comics characters clashing in fast-paced, player-versus-player battles." Infinite Crisis wil be launched later this year.


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