Bungie COO: Destiny doesn't cost $500 million to develop

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The upcoming console shooter Destiny is no doubt an expensive project to develop but it's not that expensive as many people guess. Bungie's COO Pete Parsons just clarified that the game's development cost was not anything close to $500 million. With the $500M number, people are speaking a lot more to the long-term investment that Bungie will be making in the future, according to Parsons.

Parsons said they came to Activision with a 10-year plan. "We came out of Microsoft as an independent company and we have a great pedigree and the reason why we have a great pedigree is because we have so many great people," he said, "I think Activision saw our vision, believed in it. Owning the IP was really important to us. Being an independent company was really important to us and we're able to form the right partnership and things have gone great."
Parsons didn't disclose too much about the game's business model. But Destiny is coming closer and closer as it will kick off public beta test on July 17 first on PS4. Gamers can also preorder the $450 White PS4 Destiny Bundle announced at E3 2014.
Source: gamesindustry.biz


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