UPDATE: World e-Sports Championships Announced - Featuring $320,200 Prize Pool

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UPDATE: The Prize Pool and the Schedule for WEC were official released earlier today. The whole prize pool for four titles is 2 million RMB (~320,200 USD) which is less than the rumored 5 million RMB (~800,500 USD). Well, let take a look at the prize pool and the schedule.

Prize Pool:
  Dota2 Hearthstone Starcraft 2 Warcraft 3
1st 600,000RMB~$96,060 200,000RMB~$32,020 150,000RMB~$32,020 80,000RMB~$12,808
2nd 200,000RMB~$32,020 80,000RMB~$12,808 80,000RMB~$12,808 50,000RMB~$8,005
3rd 100,000RMB~$16,010 50,000RMB~$8,005 50,000RMB~$8,005 30,000RMB~$4,803
4th 50,000RMB~$8,005 20,000RMB~$3,202 20,000RMB~$3,202 10,000RMB~$1,601
5th-8th 20,000RMB~$3,202 10,000RMB~$1,601 10,000RMB~$1,601 5,000RMB~$800


8.1-8.3 Europe Qualifiers
8.4-8.10 Korean and SEA Qualifiers
8.11-8.24 China Qualifiers


After the official launch of the World e-Sports Championship Games (WECG) which is quickly being regarded as the new and updated version of the World Cyber Games, another comprehensive tournament was announced in China. Diba Network Technology and Shanghai Boyu Cultural Communication held a press conference at Hangzhou on June 18th, 2014 and announced that the World e-Sports Championship (WEC) would start this summer.

WEC will be an annual global tournament, starting this year. The event will begin online and ultimately build towards LAN grand finals which will be held in the Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou from September 6th to September 8th, which was one of the venues of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007. The early stages of the event are advertised as spanning as many as 3 months for some titles. Of course, with the Dota 2 calendar pretty full at the moment, you can probably expect the Dota 2 online section to take place largely in August this year. This will be the second e-Sports tournament held in an outdoor football stadium (the first one is ESL One in the Commerzbank-Arena coming up this weekend).

Other than Dota 2, WEC will also host other e-Sports titles like Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. The whole prize pool for each season is more than 5 million RMB (~800,500 USD). Unfortunately the schedule is not yet released and no information has been disclosed yet regarding which teams will be invited or eligible for participation. Please stay tuned for updates!

Source: WEC Official Site


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