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GIGABYTE Challenge #5 Comes to an End: Mousesports Reign Supreme

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The fifth edition of the GIGABYTE Challenge, organized by joinDOTA and GIGABYTE, came to an end with the three time defending champions Mousesports going up against Na’Vi.US in the grand final. The grand final was a best-of-three format with a total prize pool of $2.000.  
Following their three win streak so far in the GIGABYTE Challenges, Mousesports managed to get through the bracket this time around as well, heading into the grand final to face Na’Vi.US.  The new addition to the Na’Vi organization, formerly known as North American Rejects, also have a history in this competition, having won the GIGABYTE Challenge #4, where Mousesports did not take part.

The two enjoyed a relatively easy path to the grand final where both teams made use of some new and interesting line ups, throughout all three games. Ultimately, the international squad of Mousesports managed to win over Na’Vi.US in the grand final with a  2-1 score, bagging the first place prize of $1,500. Na’Vi.US did not go home empty handed, receiving a cash prize of $500 to show for their efforts. Mousesports maintain a perfect record in the GIGABYTE Challenge, having won every edition of the event which they've participated in.


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