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Vanskor: "I Still Don't Like Curse of the Silent"





Yesterday, our CIS correspondent, Aleksey 'Firefly' Dmitrijev, managed to catch up with Empire's Vanskor for a quick interview about the year so far and the upcoming TI.

Hello Ivan. I would like to congratulate on your recent 3rd place finish at Dreamhack! What emotions did you feel after taking the 3rd place in this league?

Vanskor: Hello. Emotions were more negative than positive, as we really hoped for better results.

In the second game you guys showed some fantastic coordinated team play. What do you think was missing or what should you have done in the 3rd game against C9?

Vanskor: I think that we didn't have great communication and our draft was not well suited against C9's draft in the first and third games.

What do you think about Pieliedie's Silencer skill build against you in the 2nd game? Reminder: He was maxing Curse of the Silent.

Vanskor: During the laning stage, Curse of the Silent was causing several problems to me and Silent. However later on the spell became pretty much useless. I still don't like Curse of the Silent, as I think that if you want to max it Valve needs to make the spell stronger, or change it entirely. Right now it's good only in very rare situations.

How well is Team Empire prepared for The International 4? What are the odds of taking the first places?

Vanskor: I don't want to make any predictions, but if I think objectively, then right now I'm considering that we'll be able to take at most 6th place.

The International is a very serious event - many teams spend most of the year preparing for it every year. Will you be preparing for the upcoming TI?

Vanskor: Yes, of course, we are about to have our bootcamp, we will prepare a strategy for every opposing team thoroughly.

What teams in your opinion are most dangerous to you right now, and what teams aren't dangerous at all?

Vanskor: Most threatening: DK, Alliance, C9. But you can't be frightened by your opponent, otherwise you'll play badly against them.

Team Empire didn't qualify for ESL One and also did not compete at The Summit or WPC this year. Do you think that you've missed out a lot?

Vanskor: LAN experience is an irreplaceable experience. The more LANs you attend, the better. Unfortunately, we've failed to qualify for some LANs, and some we just couldn't go.

So, do you think that the fact that your team competed only once this year against teams from China, during Starladder finals, is a huge disadvantage?

Vanskor: Yes, it is a disadvantage. However you fix that just by watching their replays, and understanding their gameplay.

Have you seen the latest TI format - what do you think about it?

Vanskor: I think that it's more correct compared to previous years. However it's bad that not so many teams will be able to be at the Key Arena.

This year had many farming supports. However, there were those poor 'hard' supports as well. Which one of those two suits you the most, and why?

Vanskor: It depends on the hero I'm playing.

As one of the best Russian support players, does the captain take your views into account when drafting supports?

Vanskor: He does consider my suggestions, but does not always pick what I want. Maybe it's because he's not sure if I can perform well on those heroes?

Supports are strongest in the early game. Is it you that coordinates support rotations during this time?

Vanskor: 50% Me, 50% ALWAYSWANNFLY, it all depends on who's initiating first.

Which match from DreamHack was the most unforgettable for you? Why?

Vanskor: Our match against Cloud9, as losing to them brought many negative emotions.

Thank you so much for the interview! I wish you more success in your career! Any shoutouts?

Vanskor: Thank you! I would like to thank our sponsors: Seagate, Razer and of course my girlfriend MeowMeow.

You can follow Vanskor on Twitter or VK or follow Team Empire's Twitter here

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