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DKMR Invitational #2 Playing Video Released [VS Chakki]

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Earlier this week, we met the well-known Hearthstone player - Chakki in the second DKMR Invitational Tournament, which was casted live by Kobayshimaru and DKMR_DTwo. Chakki was trying to claim the $175 this week ($25 for the first Bo5 match vs BorN; $75 for the second Bo7 match vs Brad, king of last week as well as $75 rolled over from last week).

The DKMR Invitational scheduled to be live every Thursday at 9pm EST on Hearth2P's twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/2p_entertainment 

Next week, [Tempo Storm] Reynad will be the challenger. Will he manage to claim the total prize pool for $250? Stay tuned!

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