Tree of Savior - Details about the transportation system, debuffs and much more

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From the 5th Tree of Savior Q&A session we learned a few details about the transportation methods, mage AOE skills and abnormal statuses.

Tree of Savior will have some kind of waypoint system where players will be able to travel between “statues of goddess” that are scattered around the world. If you do not have a statue of goddess on a particular zone, you will be able to travel to the last warping point by using a warp item.

Tree of Savior Travel System

In the previous Q&A sessions there were some videos showcasing range and melee combat, but we still needed more details about the character movements/kiting options, especially for the mage. Developers explained that certain mage skills use a special interface, where you will need to select certain spots on the ground. By holding onto a skill hotkey and by using the directional keys, you will mark the desired spot that you want to cast a skill on. If you quickly press and release the hotkey, your skill will be cast in front of your character.

Tree of Savior Mage Skill

There are some skills which can be “collaborated with different classes of characters in the game”, as the ability to attack the monsters using the fragments you get from hitting an Ice Wall or the ability to share your vitality with other classes.

Tree of Savior
Tree of Savior

Even if we didn’t see any abnormal status in the previous videos, developers confirmed that Tree of Savior will have all kinds of buffs and de-buffs, as you can see in the stunning picture below.

Tree of Savior Abnormal Status

They also talked about an attribute system that will allow you to increase a de-buff effect by using a special skill, something like the combo based combat.

“Depending on monsters’ species/size/defense type, attribute of attacks and de-buff status, there will be synergies on attacks. There also synergy effects depending on the type of combinations of skill + skill and attribute + skill. For example, ‘Bleeding De-Buff’ + ‘Stab’ attack will create ‘Greater Bleeding De-Buff’.”

Those of you that are complaining about characters’ voices and sound effects should know that these are all prototyped at the moment and they will be reworked before the official launch.

If you want to learn more about the game, visit the official site and take a look at our Tree of Savior HUB.


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