Tree of Savior - Art Direcor Maggi talks about the art concept

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Tree of Savior Concept Design

In the latest dev post, Art Director Maggi answered some of the questions regarding the art concept for Tree of Savior.

As there were already many games that concentrated on new rendering techniques and detailed expressions, the original team that was formed to develop TOS decided to create a 3rd person point of view so that players could be more immersed into the game.

“We wanted to give players a feeling that TOS is like a moving fairy tale book or pop-up book so most of the textures are actually hand drawn by our designers.” said Maggi.

Tree of Savior 3rd person point of view

Some players are saying that the game looks too dark, but in order to keep the dystopian element they couldn’t make it too bright and happy.

“Depicting the world as it is, and depicting the reality as closely as possible is more important to us. If there is grass, then it should sway in the wind. If there is a lever, regardless of how small it is, players should be able to pull it.” Maggi added.

Tree of Savior dark theme

In order to collect the information needed to create backgrounds, costume designs, etc. imcGames staff traveled to various countries such as Lithuania, Turkey, China, and France. As an example, the following screenshot was designed based on the information they gathered from Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Tree of Savior Background

The motive behind the Tree of Savior is based on the Lithuanian mythology, and there are some classes which are related to the Baltic mythology gods.

On the next page you will find the original wizard design that may appear as an NPC in the future.


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