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Kitkatz Leaving Team Curse

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The 20th June 15:00 CET Kitkatz tweeted that he is leaving Curse to pursue a new team. This power house with big players like Alchemixt, Savjz and Darkwonyx will surely miss Kitkatz and will most likely be looking for a player that are capable of filling out his shoes. 

If this is the sole purpose for the drastic change or if it had something to do with being able to stream on Twitch is unclear. Shortly after the announcment of him leaving Curse, Kitkatz tweeted that he will begin to stream on Twitch again. 

Kitkatz later turned on his stream for a couple of minutes to explain to the people that tuned in what was going on. He then hinted that there are three different teams interested in him and he is still trying to decide on which team to join. He also stated that all three teams are well known. At the moment, we can only speculate as to which teams they are but we wish him the best of luck with whichever choice he makes!


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