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Miracle Mana Addict Rogue

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Miracle Mana Addict Rogue

Rogue is always one of the strongest classes in ladder and features massive playing styles. This deck is based on Miracle Rogue and I have made some adjustments.
Miracle Mana Addict Rogue

Mana Addict is a low cost neutral while featuring huge potential output in one turn, especially when coupled with Rogue’s massive cheap spells in mid game. In order to help Gadgetzan Auctioneer survive to the next turn, Conceal is critical, which means players can’t drop this combo before T6 if they miss Preparation. So that is the reason why I pick Mana Addict in my arsenal and I hope this guy can chop some HP in early game if they can survive to the next turn.
It is easy for opponents to figure out your strategies once you drop Mana Addict. To stop Mana Addict to grow up into a monster in next turn, your opponents want to trade it with their face or minions or remove it with their spells. And I believe that Conceal would make opponents feeling boring, forcing them to drop AoEs in early game, and if they don’t, their HP would be chopped down to half in mid stage. Coupled with Sap, you can protect Mana Addict from being traded up while dealing more damage in your turn.
Miracle Mana Addict Rogue

With 0 costs, allows players to drop in any time. The usage for Shadowstep is fare to explain. By casting it on Leeroy Jenkins, Coldlight Oracle and Novice Engineer, players are able to trigger their battlecry a second time.
This deck features high OTK range. So you are easy to finish your game in mid game.
Leeroy Jenkins + Shaowstep + Leeroy Jenkins = 12 damage (6mana)
Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood + Shaowstep + Leeroy Jenkins = 16 damage (7mana)
Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood + Shaowstep + Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood = 20 damage (8mana)
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