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DKMR Invitational #2 Decklists: Brad Sweeps the Series With 4-0

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In this week's DKMR Invitational, we meet Chakki as the invited chanllenger with first round playing Bo5 with DKMR_BorN and second round with Bo7 with last week's king - Brad. Don't worry if you missed the event, we have MYM_Semijew here to cover you with a quick wrap up before the videos come out.

[Update]: You can check out the tournament video HERE

Now just check out the decklists Chakki and both two DKMR members submitted before the tournament, especially Brad's 4-0 Druid deck. Will next week's challenger - Reynad beat Brad and claim the $250?

DKMR_BorN's Bo5 decks:

Chakki's Bo5 Decks:

Chakki's Bo7 Decks:

DKMR_Brad's Bo7 Decks:

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