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D2L Playoffs Begin Tomorrow

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Following the conclusion of the group stage, the HyperX D2L Western Challenge is set to enter its playoff stage this Thursday, on the 19th of June until the 24th of June. Six teams will have the chance to battle it out for the total prize pool of almost $65,000.

The HyperX D2L Western Challenge seems to be the perfect tournament to fill the gap between the Dream League and The ESL One. Unfortunately, Alliance, the winners of the Dream League will not be playing in the playoff stage since they didn't make it through the group stage. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses and Team Empire performed really well during the group stage, giving them the chance to skip the first round of the playoff stage.

This playoff stage will involve a double-elimination bracket with a best-of-three format. Because of the double-elimination format, teams will have a chance to fight their way back from the lower bracket after suffering 1 loss. 

(Click to see the Brackets in full size)

Despite the initial plan to conclude this event with LAN finals, the playoffs for this will be taking place online - for logistical reasons based on the over-saturated tournament scene at the moment.

Matches will be broadcast at:

Ayesee (English)
Pingee (Russian)

Prize pool distribution:

1st Place: $25,000 + 25% of ticket sales increase ($28,600 currently)
2nd Place: $15,000 + 25% ($18,600 currently)
3rd Place: $7,500 + 15% ($9,700 currently)
4th Place: $2,500 + 15% ($4,700 currently)
5th Place: 10% of ticket sales increase ($1,460 currently)
6th Place: 10% of ticket sales increase ($1,460 currently)



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