Will World of Warcraft Come to an End In The Next Two Years?

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World of Warcraft

There has been around ten years since World of Warcraft released. It had ever reached the peak of MMO genre. At August 2009, WoW set a record in game history that its peak concurrent users reached 13.1 million. And the data didn't contain the number of Chinese players. According to the data from City 9 (the former agency of Chinese WoW) at April 11, 2008, the concurrent users of China are around 1 million. So, the peak concurrent users of WoW should be around 14.1million. What an amazing number. 

However, the world leading MMO game is facing exhaustion now. Last WoW's post-earning financial revealed that the subscriber numbers of the game have dropped to 7.6 million, and has been exceeded by Dota2. Although WoW’s new expansion Warlords of Draenor seems to be able to halt the decline, WoW is hard to regain its former resplendence. Then, does that mean the game is going to die? And how many expansions will Blizzard release for it in the future?

Let’s take a look at an image first:

World of Warcraft

The image shows an allegedly authentic (but hard to justify) release schedule. We can see that compared to last years, there is only WoD-related things appears at the schedule. And note that Titan will finally appear at the schedule, may be showed at BlizzCon 2014. So, considered that the MMO market’s vacuum is limited, Blizzard won’t let WoW compete for space with Titan. Moreover, the gap between the Blizzard games was usually a decade, like original StarCraft to StarCraft II, Diablo II to Diablo III. Now, WoW is closing to 10 years, and TiTan is also MMO genre, plus WoW’s story is coming to an end. So we have reason to believe that WoW will be over in the next two or three years, though Blizzard could continue to run it but won't make any big changes for it. And we can also speculate that we will play against Sargeras and his Burning Legion in the near future. The WoW story is finished with the ending of a titan – Sargeras. And the other story will start with the other 'Titan'. What a good continuation.

World of Warcraft

The other reason I think WoW will be end soon is that compared to the mainstream MMOs at the present market, like Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, WoW's graphics have already fallen behind them, and the gameplay and the operating system are no longer advantage. 

World of Warcraft

Besides, the game modes become more and more formulized since TBC. For example PVE and PVP are quite distinct from each other. PVE players are facing endless dungeon and PVPs are farming endless battlegrounds, arenas. Many players have been sick of that. However, Blizzard can't change the situation because the game's major settings are ten years ago. So, it is certain that World of Warcraft will be replaced soon.

And most of the present MMOs will be launched on both PC and new generation consoles - PS4, Xbox One, such as Onigiri Online, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Call of Duty Online, etc. Thus, the games can attract more players to be more profitable. This could be also one reason for Blizzard to end WoW. And Titan is likely to be also released on consoles. 

In conclusion, if Blizzard want to restore players from its competitor. They have to make a significant breakthrough. That is Titan. And there has been 7 years since the first Titan appeared at BlizzCon 2007. It gives enough time for the market to settle. And the present MMO market also needs another revolution.
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