Some Useful & Interesting Details You May Not Know in Dota2

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A Dota player from China posted a thread at Baidu Tieba called “Details you don’t know in Dota 2, there’s always something that could help you” and splashed hundreds of reposts and comments. Today we will show you guys some of these cool things, and hope you can learn some useful tips from this post. For those familiar with these things before reading, you are definitely a Dota 2 master. Well let’s check it out.

1. Brewmaster’s passive skill - Drunken Brawler was reworked in 6.81. In order to distinguish evasion and critical attack on the icon, some cool stuff was added. If the icon turns orange in game, Brewmaster will be guaranteed to evade the next normal attack on him, and he will gain a shimmering effect around him. If a red streak appears on the icon, Brewmaster will be guaranteed to perform a critical strike on his next attack, and he will gain a red shimmering affect around his shoulders and weapon.

2. If you don’t know when the Outworld Devourer’s Astral Imprisonment ends, don't worry, you can estimate the remaining time by the visual effect. When Outworld Devourer casts Astral Imprisonment, there will be a red ring expanding from within. Astral Imprisonment ends when the red ring meets the outermost white ring.

3. Similar to Astral Imprisonment, Dazzle’s Shallow Grave visual effect also indicates remaining duration. The Shallow Grave will end when the purple ring falls to the bottom.

4. Another interesting detail: Have you noticed “Riki was here” in Treant Protector's 3D model?

5. Guess what will you see in the Jakiro’s Ice Path?

You will see your featured heroes!


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