Black Gold Online Shows off E3 2014 Trailer

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Snail Games today released a new E3 trailer for their upcoming free-to-play steampunk MMORPG Black Gold Online (BGO), showing the massive steam mech army from Kingdom of Isenhorst, furious vehicle battles, as well as stunning combat performance for all classes. For more details, you can take a look at the trailer below.

As one of most competitive MMORPGs in Snail Games' lineup at this E3, Black Gold Online was showcased on the center stage of Snail booth in the Los Angeles Staples Center. The booth offers many free BGO demos for playing, and some awsome BGO cosplay by show girls. You can even see a real model of steam mech from Black Gold.

Black Gold Online will start Open Beta Testing on June 20th, schedule to launch later this year. If you want to learn more about this game, please check out our Black Gold Online HUB or visit the official site.

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