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Update: Black Desert western version Warrior trailer

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Attack enemies with your sword, utilize your shield to protect yourself and immobilize enemies to finish them off with a deadly blow.

Black Desert Online Korea 2nd CBT has ended on 11th May 2014. 4 classes, namely ranger, warrior, giant and sorceress have been released so far. I have played warrior in both the 1st and 2nd CBT. In this article, I would like to share my view on the warrior gameplay and battle system of Black Desert in general, followed by a detailed description of all warrior skills.

Despite the fact that these details might be changed in the upcoming release, I believe it would be interesting for players who intend to play warriors, with highlights of skill changes as compared to the 1st CBT. For players who intend to play other classes, the article would shed some light on the basic combo of warrior and might be useful when you fight against them in PVP.

Battle System of Black Desert

Black Desert Online is an action MMORPG, with non-targetting battle system, pretty much similar to Continent of 9th (C9), Vindictus or Dragon Nest. The thing which set it apart from other action games is,  the game is set in a seamless open world instead of being instance-based,.

Most skills in Black Desert can be triggered with some combinations of keyboard and/or mouse click although some of them can also be registered to skill slot for conventional triggering. For warrior, some skills consume energy (FP) and some require stamina. Some skill does not consume any FP or stamina but has a cooldown (CD) to it. Most skills have no CD and can be cast continuously as long as you have the FP/stamina to do so. There are also certain skills which allow you to recover FP or stamina.

Here is a summary for these skills:

Consume FP: Swipe, Sunder Spin, Rising Shield Strike, Ground Stomp, Shield Counter, Deep Stab, Counter Attack Stance, Battle Field Pierce, Berserk Rush, Wound of Twilight

Recover FP: Recharging (consume HP), Evasive Roll (consume Stamina), Normal Attack, Kick, Advancing Slash (consume stamina), Shield Bash, Sprint Slash

Consume Stamina: Advancing Slash, Shield Stance, Dip Kick, Charge, Sound of Battle, Evasive Roll
Recover Stamina: Strike Back

With CD: Dash Sting, Shield Sweep, Grab, Surge of Horror (party formation skill), Surge of Calm (party formation skill), Battle Field Pierce (consume FP), Berserk Rush (consume FP)

The battle system is easy to pick up but complex enough to hold players’ attention and interest. Players require constantly management of the balance between the FP and stamina, together with the CD of the skill, to form smooth combo chain to defeat tough enemies/opponent. I indeed enjoy the battle despite the fact that the game involves alot of grinding to level up because doing quest does not give experience point at all.
The combo chain system has been improved significantly as compared to the 1st CBT. The casting animation of certain skills can be shorten and joined smooth into other skill under certain condition. For example, when Deep Stab is used as a standalone skill, the cast animation is very slow. However, if you first do a back roll, dip kick or rising shield strike, and follow immediately with a Deep Stab, you will realize that the animation of Deep Stab is changed and it will be cast with a forward leaping animation instead, provided that you learn the Jumping Deep Stab upgrade (see the video below at 0:23). After getting Jumping Deep Stab to higher level, you can eventually able to perform multiple stabs continuously, one after another to form a really cool combo.

I have reached level 40 during the last day of the CBT, but didn’t manage to record any video at that level before the server was close. The video was recorded at level 34, showcasing most of warrior skills which I have learnt. Turn on annotation to see the skill name which appears as they are cast. For other skills of warrior, you can refer to the youtube video by Amae (see reference).






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