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WoW 6.0 Rise of the Legion drafts and T17 Gears Leaked

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Update: We are now confirmed that these information are fake. But they are still interesting to read. Vist here for more discussions about WoW 6.0.

Recently Dezneth posted a mail about a screenplay draft and a set of concepts design pictures on World of Warcraft official forum. The drafts matched up the pattern of WoW design very well. The mail was sent to Chamberlain, the CG supervisor of WoW. Thus it is very likely those are drafts of WoW 6.0. It seems WoW 6.0 plan was started since last May. The next expansion is around the corner.


New races

Tier 17 sets

Screenplay Draft

Two key words in the draft are replaced by code name MINTCHIP and LOLLIPOP. But we all know that MINTCHIP stands for Sageras and LOLIPOP refers to Legion. Also LOLIPOP is the name of the new expansion. And Blizzard used snacks like LOLIPOP as the former expansions’ code name.

You can check the Screenplay draft on next page

The Earliest Version - VANILLA
The Burning Crusade - CHOCOLATE
Wrath of the Lich King - BLUEBERRY
Cataclysm - CHERRY
Mists of Pandaria - COOKIES & CREAM


From the former expansion, we can infer that the code names are related to main color of the expansion. Wrath of the Lich King (BLUEBERRY) is blue and Mists of Pandaria (COOKIES & CREAM) is white mixed with black.


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