A sneak peek at Black Desert's Lore

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Black Desert Calpheon

Even if some of us managed to take part in the Black Desert Closed Beta tests we were kind of blindfolded due to the language barrier. With some help we managed to detail the most important features from each CBT, but one thing was always left untouched.

Today, thanks to Afkalmighty, we can take a sneak peek at Black Desert Lore. The first part that was translated talks about the black plague that affected Calpheon and other starting zones in Year 235 after the Elion Calendar.

Below you will find a sample of the translated story, but you definitely need to check the entire article on the source page.

“Year 236 Elion calendar

The blackened corpses of Valencians made it clear that the plague didn’t hold back for anyone. Priests were ridiculed for their proclamations against the heretics and their status within the Elion church was started to be considered a product of luck. But the war raged on regardless as there was no better reason for war than hatred which the war itself provided plenty of.

Media grew more prosperous with each expedition. They had been making a living with trade due to being located at the center of the continent and accumulated more wealth through supplying the alliance’s expeditions. Starting with swords they went on to sell guns and cannons. Large mines were developed to meet the increasing demand.”

If you are waiting for more official news and updates regarding Black Desert you should keep an eye on E3 Expo which will take place in Los Angeles from June 10 to June 12, 2014 as Pearl Abyss confirmed that they are going to attend it.

Source: WWGW


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