Boom Beach May 28, 2014 Update - The Freezing Menace





Boom Beach Update

Undersea Adventure:

- Hunt for treasure under the waves with a brand new Submarine!
- Find dive locations on your map, and send the Submarine to retrieve sunken treasure
- Starting from HQ 9 you can discover underwater treasures with it.
- Look for 
dive locations on your map, and send the Submarine on missions!
- Dive locations appear randomly and you can also find them by exploring new areas of the map. Each    dive location will give you several diving targets to chose from. Pick your targets carefully as 
you          cannot retrieve all the treasures from a location! 
- Diamonds, Resources, or Power Stones can be found by diving
- You can also upgrade the submarine for deeper dives that yield greater rewards.

Boom Beach Diving
Shock and Awe:
- Give attackers a jolt with Shock Launcher, a new high-level defensive building
- Enemy troops in the area of effect will be temporarily stunned. Stop rushing Warriors in their tracks!

For the War Effort:
- Your efforts to fight the Blackguard are now rewarded daily! More Victory Points give you a bigger reward
- Added a special victory reward for raiding the top 3 players on the global leaderboard

Information Warfare:
- An all-new daily report in the Enemy Activity pane shows the number of times your home base was scouted, attacked and raided by the enemy
- Victory reward of an enemy base is now visible as a map popup after the island has been scouted
- Player opponent's Victory Points are now visible when scouting
- Mine damage is now displayed when scouting

Chill Out:
- A mysterious cold spell has swept across the archipelago, and ice now covers all islands in the Northern region of the map
- Ice Power Stones only appear on frozen islands
- Island graphics improved and optimized
- Video about the new Ice Islands:

Visual Upgrades:
- New Rocket Launcher graphics
- New graphics and visual tweaks for Boom Cannon and Cannon
- Machine Gun graphics and effect tweaks
- Rockets from rocket launcher and gunboat barrage now weave in-flight

The Envelope Button:
A way for us to send all players a message and link. The reason this is important for Boom is that the majority of players aren't on the forums, Facebook or Twitter, and therefore may not realise when we make important changes to the game. For example, when we changed the matchmaking system to work with Victory Points, the message system would allow us to inform everyone of this change, hopefully preventing some confusion and many tickets to player support!

Balance Changes:
- There were several loot changes made.

1. Increasing PvP and boss level loot rewards across the board
2. Adding more loot for everyone with the new Victory Point rewards and one other currently unannounced feature!
3. Lots of tuning to the NPC loot levels:
Gold - less in the mid and late game
Wood - more in the early game, less in the mid and late game
Stone - more in the mid and late game, less at the very end
Iron - a bit less overall

- Removed the frequency of PvP invasion decrease after 800 VPs
- Increased the time it takes before you can be attacked while online to 5 hours from 4 hours
- Attacking is disabled after 5 hours of total playtime within a 24 hour period (this is to stop an exploit where some players were attacking bases for the full 4 minutes, without deploying any troops, so they became un-attackable for an inflated amount of time)
- Tuned the Warrior: less damage and self-heal per hit, but more health. Also, increased cost and training time
- Reduced Medic healing speed and amount
- Shock Bomb price increased to 5 from 3

Sneak Peeks:
- Check them out HERE

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