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VG.rOtk: I Will not Retire After TI4 if the Prize Pool is Higher Next Year





Yesterday, several media had the chance to sit down with Vici Gaming’s captain Bai "rOtk" Fan and talk about the recent situation of his team, the upcoming International 4, Chinese Esports scene and more……

Your team has been invited to The International 4. What have you guys done to prepare?
VG.Rotk: We began preparing some time ago, and after we entered into this phase the quality and level of training was upgraded in terms of daily training: everyone practiced wholeheartedly. What’s more, recently European and American tournaments are inclined to be more than usual, including qualifiers. We will do some research on some foreign teams which we think are strong, observe some details in the replays of their matches, analyze their gaming tactics and learn good aspects of them.

Team Vici Gaming didn't take part in China's TI4 Qualifier owing to the fact that you were directly invited to TI4, yet in this qualifier did you keep an eye on those new teams as well as an old team like LGD?
VG.Rotk: Old teams like LGD are initially powerful, even though they need to play a qualifier, they have very big odds to be promoted. We can also see it from the performance of LGD in the qualifier (at the time of this interview the qualifier wasn't finished yet). As for other teams such as CIS, I always think it’s a potential team, but they have several players who are new to professional Dota and sometimes they might be too worried or scared to use various strategies in some big tournaments. I hope you could perform normally in tournaments as though they are training and dare to play their own style. It would be very good for them (if they do so). I am counting on CIS. About DT I don’t even want to talk about its strength, there is barely a strength disparity between DT and domestic teams on the first ladder. They have such strength to fight with LGD in the final.

So which two teams do you think will be promoted?
VG.Rotk: I think they should be DT and LGD, who will be the first and the second will be depend on their performances tomorrow.

It will be the third time you participate in The International. You are not content with the results of last two times, so how will your attitude and mood change in this year?
VG.Rotk: My mind should be more open and relaxed compared to the last two years, because this time in my team, except for new players Fy and Fenrir, we are good friends which have known each other for years in terms of Dota, so we trust each other. And the position I take in this team, it’s not cumbersome for me at all, because it is my preferred position, I am more adept at it and I am more confident on it.

The incident of your departure from DK: what were the most obvious changes you faced, including personal attitude and all the other aspects?
VG.Rotk: Obvious changes… I think it would be the thought emerged that I really need to be more diligent, I shouldn’t waste my youth anymore and it will be a pity if I continue wasting it. My youth shouldn’t be like that.

What is your youth supposed to be?
VG.Rotk: Make as much effort as I can to achieve my dream, and that’s exactly what we are doing right now.

Strategically, which western teams do you think will be VG’s strongest opponents ?
VG.Rotk: They should be Evil Genius and two former TI champions Na'Vi and Alliance. No matter what, they were TI champions once and thus their strength should not be underestimated.

Will you prepare special strategies against them individually?
VG.Rotk: Of course.

Are you practicing for it (TI) at the moment?
VG.Rotk: Not for now, I am not familiar with the situation in America or Europe, but for Chinese teams, when it comes to one month and a few days more before TI, the training will be in a different dimension. In other words, what we do all day long will be eat, sleep and train. There won’t be a fourth thing, that’s all.

What you are saying is that Chinese teams will have intensive training before important tournaments in order to adjust their level of play and they will attend those tournaments when their level is very high. So for VG, have you ever thought of stretching your time span of intensive training? Would it give you a better performance on tournaments?
VG.Rotk: For players, if you experience such schedule yourself every day, it’s not so difficult, because you are playing a game you really like. But if you try to carry out this long team training plan in reality, it’s implausible. For example, if you were a professional table-tennis player who serves in national team, you were told to play table-tennis, which is a pleasure for you, for months, would you stand it? We are not robots. We have our own emotions and desires. So it’s normal for us not to maintain intensive training.

VG may attend ESL final in Germany in next month, will you reserve some tactics for TI4?
VG.Rotk: Our current rank is at the third place of China qualifier, we need to play qualifier in region of SEA together with LGD first. Only if we are promoted, we can go to Frankfurt. Therefore, we still need to prepare for this tournament in advance. After we finish this MDL tournament off, we will start undertaking preparation towards this qualifier for promoting. If we are promoted we will prepare some tactics targeting western teams. We can only proceed step by step, so we need to fight Southeast Asian teams first.

Have you ever imagined that DK and VG will encounter each other in the International Grand Final?
VG.ROtk: I pictured a lot about myself being in the final, I think once I imagined that VG faces DK in the final.

As you mentioned before, there are two new players in your team, personally what sort of expectation toward them do you hold?
VG.Rotk: I expect them to perform steadily, that will be awesome enough.

What are the things you worry about the most?
VG.Rotk: Things like adjusting jet lag and diarrhea a couple of days before matches. These circumstances appeared before and it affected players’ state of mind in gaming. This is the only aspect I am concerned about. As for the performance of crucial matches on LAN, I won’t worry much about it, because I believe they can handle it.

If you cannot taunt your enemies with your shout directly, what would you do to taunt your opponents at the International?
VG.Rotk: If you taunt by typing in game, you will be dragged out by two muscular Valve employees.

So what do you plan to do?
VG.Rotk: I will“taunt” them silently in my heart. I will bolster my teammates’ morale within our battlehouse, that’s enough.

Do you have any other hobbies apart from Dota? Do you intend to retire after TI4? If you do, what do you want to do afterwards?
VG.Rotk: To be honest, I wanted to retire before, but the prize of the TI series are too high and tempting. As a poor man, I wouldn’t know what I should do if I retired. If the award of TI next year is higher than this year, then of course I will continue playing, because I can’t find anything else to do after I retire. I can do nothing but playing Dota, so I will have no prospects if I retire.

Have you ever considered being a coach, a merchant or a caster when you retire?
VG.Rotk: Coach isn’t an appropriate occupation for me. I have no sources to import and I don’t have very wide social connection, so being a merchant is not a wise choice for me. As for caster, I think I would be criticized to death if I become a caster.









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