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ArcheAge Guide: How To Build Your Own House





Why would you want to own a house in Archeage?
In addition to the functions found in most MMOs' housing system, Archeage's house is built in open world instead of instanced area, giving you a sense of owning a piece of land in the world. House can serves as your crafting station where you can make weapons, armors, do alchemy and so on. You can make your house a teleport location for fast travelling. Once you own a house, you own some land around your house that can be used for planting.

Things you should know before you start to fight for your own house
  • You can only build your house in the locations available for house building
  • You need Delphi coins to purchase blueprints. Blueprints are tradable
  • It will be expensive (it will also be time consuming and grinding) since you have to collect enough Delphi coins through trading and then enough materials through gathering and crafting
  • The better houses you want, the more Delphi coins and materials it will cost
  • The larger your house is, the more functions it will provide 
Now how to build a house from scratch
Pick up a location for your house isn't difficult, and what's difficult is acquiring the blueprint. Blueprints can be purchased at Mirage Island with Delphi coins. In Chinese server, there are houses available for 15, 50, 100, 150, 300, and 500 Delphi coins. How to gain Delphi coins is totally a different thing and you can learn more at our introduction of trading.
After you have the blueprint, you set off to collect materials. Take a house that's worth 15 Delphi coins as an example, one of them requires Stone Pack×1 and Lumber Pack×2. A Stone Pack is made of 300 rocks and a Lumber Pack is made of 300 logs, so in this case, you need to collect 300 rocks and 600 logs.
*Rocks can be gained through mining in certain odds in places like Halo Rise in Solis Headlands
*Logs can be gained in 2 ways. Planting trees yourself and fell them for logs (costs money and labors) or go logging in Villanelle in Haranya or Halcyona in Nuia for maple trees (costs labors).

With 300 rocks and 600 logs you can head to the village's craft station to make the rocks into 100 stones and logs into 200 lumbers.
* Be careful here when you have 100 stones and 200 lumbers. Do not pack them up now because once you do that they became a backpack on your back and you can't use glider. You should go to the nearest craft station to your construction site to do the packing. So you can save a lot of time on traveling.
Once you have all the required materials in the construction site, you can start the building and you will see your house completing gradually. In my opinion, the whole process consists of a lot of calculations on how many materials you need to prepare and how many labors you need (a lot of things consume labors, such as planting, mining, logging, packing, and so on).
Build up a house is not the end
This is where you can see the complexity of ArcheAge. After you finish your house, you can't rest because you have to earn more Delphi coins to purchase furniture. What's more you have to pay tax for using the house, and the larger house or the more houses you own the more you tax you have to pay. If you don't pay your house will be taken away.
And then you have to decide whether your house is opened to the public or just guild members or nobody. Be careful when you open your house to the public because the others can make destruction to your house.
Hopefully this guide can help you learn the basics of the game's house system. If you have any question, feel free to comment.









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