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Hearth2P Is Hiring Passionate Writers!

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Hearth2P is a place where you can find latest Hearthstone news, various guides, tech videos, fanarts and more. As a fast growing Hearthstone fansite, we are looking for passionate writers to join our family. If you love Hearthstone and are willing to share your experience with more players, then please read on to see how to join us.

Who are we looking for?

We need Hearthstone guide writers, including deck building guides of the nine classes, arena guides and some other general guides, like guides for beginners/average players/semi-pro players as well as guides for latest patches, which can help us achieve greater results.

  • Register a 2P.com account and use it to write your articles.
  • Abundant Hearthstone experience.
  • The articles you write should identify with our core readers, therefore, before you start writing, please notify our editors the topics you are going to write in order to avoid any repeated material or topics that don't meet our requirements. You can pick topics you want to write or you can write topics provided by us. Remember: we usually don't accept any random articles written by yourself. Only articles that get through by our editors will be paid. 
  • You should have a firm grasp of English including correct grammar and punctuation, and previous writing experience (especially about Hearthstone) is a huge plus.
  • Publishing articles based on the basic formats of articles on 2P.com.
  • Your articles should be published on Hearthstone.2P.com FIRST before being published on other places (Twitter, Facebook or personal blog).
  • Writers should guarantee all their articles are not a copy of other sites' content.
  • Be mannered within the community. Taking some time to reply readers who comment on your articles will be appreciated.
  • Need to have a paypal account to receive your payment.
Writer Levels:

There are 5 levels of 2P’s writers. The higher the level, the higher the remuneration. Five levels are as following:

Newbie Writer
Skilled Writer
Advanced Writer
Advanced Columnist

When you join 2P’s writer team, you are the New Writer. After you have published 5 articles at 2p.com and your writing ability is approved by our editors, you will be the Skilled Writer. When you have published 15 articles, you will become the Advanced Writer. When you have published 30 articles, you may become the Columnist of 2p.com. After you have published 60 articles, you will become the Advanced Columnist.

What we can offer:
  • Salary (Varies depending on the amount of work and the article views).
  • Solid references for your Curriculum Vitae.
  • An opportunity to take part in Blizzard Hearthstone Event or Blizzcon.
Specific of the payment:
  • You get $25 for every feature article if views are more than 500 (if views < 500, it is $15). If the article gets many views and comments you may get extra bonus. (PS: about the extra bonus, we would like to discuss it with you after you officially become our writer.
  • We calculate your salary and bonuses of the previous month on the first day of next month. We will pay your salary (after tax) to the Paypal account you provided on 20th of each month.
  • Please notice that with the development of 2p.com, the payment will be adjusted. We will inform you a month in advance if it is changed.
Special Note:

Please note that due to our company policy, you need to submit your passport to receive money successfully.

How to apply:

If you are interested in joining us, please email us your application to cindy # 2p.com (please replace # to @) with the following information:
  • Full Name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Current location:
  • Language(s) you speak fluently:
  • Your former Hearthstone article/guide/review links if you have any:
  • Explain in a few sentences why you are applying for it:
  • If you haven't written any Hearthstone articles, please tell us in a few sentences why you think you will be qualified:
  • How often can you write for us, giving us a rough number please:
  • Your contact (Skype or Facebook or Twitter):
  • Do you have a passport? (this may sound weird but we need your passport to apply money in our company)
We will send you an email about the result within 7 days after we review your application. After approved, you will become our Hearthstone writer.
PS: If you do not meet the requirements but would still like to help us grow while gaining experience, please feel free to apply and we are open to any advices you have regarding the cooperation.

Contact us:
Email: cindy@2p.com
Skype account: cindyhio (please introduce who you are when you add Cindy on skype :) )






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