Black Desert Has No Instant Dungeon; Russian Version Gets F2P And P2P Servers

By imiguelme on 0 0 is the official publisher that will bring Black Desert to Russia, and localization of Black Desert is currently in process. They alredy have UI and several quest translated, and working on game items, monster and locations.

The Black Desert press conference take place in Moscow, Russia

  • The basic UI is alredy in Russian:
  • If the Russian community wants, there will be 3 types of servers:
  1. Hard PvP (more loot drops, free PK starting lv 1, hard crafting system, and more)
  2. PvP (Original Korean server)
  3. PvE (no open world PvP, only for Arena, Guild Wars and Sieges)
  • F2P servers and P2P servers
  • A non P2W cash shop, only cosmetic
  • Beta Test in December 2014 and then Realeased in January 2015
  • Oculus Rift support is under testing
  • No lvl cap
  • There won’t be any instant dungeons, all the bosses can be found in different locations in the Open World
  • Open PvP with Karma system
  • Non IP BLOCK
  • Crafting brings best item
  • There are plans for naval battles and even more, but not for initial release
Can Black Desert be one of the best MMOGs 2014-2015?


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