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Dignitas.Aui G1 Inerview: Western Scene Success is Coming





G1 Champions League Interview Aui_2000

Aui_2000 Streaming Channel:

2Pcom: Hello, Aui, go ahead and say hi to viewers at G-1!

Aui: Hello my name is Kurtis Ling and I play the 1 role for Team Dignitas. Thanks for watching me.

2Pcom: You guys formed a team about a year ago and it was known as PotmBottom and right off the bat you guys started winning against well known teams. How did you decide or should i say come up with this team?

Aui: Hmm, long story short, we were brought together by an interested party (potential sponsor). Before the team, we had not all played together, but we sync'd together very quickly. We actually didn't immediately win against well known teams; we had to work pretty hard and play in all the small online cups to improve first. The name came mostly from Germany Mouz.Black^ repeating "potm bottom" in one of our scrims when he was playing with us.

2Pcom: After TI2 your team received sponsorship from Team Dignitas and your first LAN event I suppose was at ESWC 2012 where you reached the finals, but a much bigger event came along which was DreamHack Winter 2012. How was the feeling at such LAN events and playing in that atmosphere in the big leagues?

Aui: The feeling at the LAN events was pretty amazing. It was definitely unique and even though we didn't really perform well at dreamhack, it was pretty fun. Hopefully in the future we'll perform at LAN and that'll make it even better. There's no real comparison between LAN and online.

2Pcom: Everyone during TI2 Qualifier were expecting you guys to play but never received an invite as you were a very new team back then. Do you believe that this time you will probably get a straight invite to TI3?

Aui: I think that we deserve an invite based on results and consistency but it's never really a guaranteed thing--I was pretty sure we deserved at least a shot at qualifiers last year and we didn't get one then.

2Pcom: Let us talk about your roster, a while back ‘sneyking’ was replaced by ‘tidesoftime’ but about a month and a half ago ‘sneyking’ returned back to your team as ‘tidesoftime’ decided to retire. Whom do you think is a much better fit to your team and Why?

Aui: Well ‘sneyking’ left because his school schedule didn't allow him to practice basically at all. He was actually replaced with universe, who I think fit pretty perfectly into our team. Honestly, all six players of ‘tots’ ‘wayto’ ‘sney’ ‘universe’ ‘fogged’ and myself all sync pretty well. I think tots sort of lost motivation so our current roster fits the best.

2Pcom: Recently you guys came 2nd in the Dreamhack Invitational where the last game was a base race with you playing as gyrocopter and it seemed as if Dignitas was going to take the game easily until Alliance decided to just go for your throne while you did the same in opposite lanes. What do you think made the big difference as to the fact that Alliance were able to take down the throne much faster even though you had a divine?

Aui: Our panda ulted their base instead of just slowing them down by cycloning/stunning the bear. Rhasta would have also been able to TP back to delay after he dropped wards if that happened. It should have been a free win but well mistakes happen.

2Pcom: Now about Asian scene. I presume this is your first Asian tournament. How do you think the Asian teams play as comparison to EU/NA teams?

Aui: We played in prodota2 vs iG way back as PB so that was really our first time playing against the Asian scene. We also used to scrim a bunch with iG and DK, but we haven't really played them recently.

I think the scenes are very different. Everyone says the Asian scene is really far ahead, but I think this year at TI3 will see some western scene success. I haven't really had that much time to watch the Asian scene because of school/work/other commitments so I can't really comment on specific playstyle differences.

2Pcom: This is the first dota2 tournament with EU/NA teams being invited to play for a chance at a lan event in china. What are your thoughts on being able to play in a Chinese tournament such as G1-League?

Aui: It's exciting to see the two scene clash on LAN other than at TI. Hopefully it becomes a regular thing (both ways, with some Asian teams attending western tourneys too). I really appreciate the initiative by G1.

2Pcom: As this is kind of a mini-International do you think that all the teams will be keeping an eye to see the teams performing at G1-League to keep notes and see how the Chinese perform against EU/NA teams?

Aui: Yeah for sure I think everyone is interested in seeing how the two attending western teams perform. This tourney will hopefully lead to some metagame changes as the two scene collide.

2Pcom: Lone Druid has been a top pick lately and you have been setting trends for that hero first the maelstrom and now the armlet. What makes you come up with such builds of these heroes as a carry?

Aui: I think I make builds like that because I like to fight midgame. Both armlet and maelstrom make Lone Druid very strong early-mid game with relatively low levels of farm.

In my opinion, armlet is just a better build because the armor and regen really allows LD to just take all the outer towers. Building attack speed on the bear early is also very nice due to the entangle ability.

2Pcom: As we are getting closer to TI3. Will we see Dignitas setting up a bootcamp too probably somewhere in Asia?

Aui: Yeah we'll bootcamp but I'm not too sure if it will be in Asia.

2Pcom: As the Chinese viewers do not know much about your team. Would you please share something about yourself and each of your fellow teammates personality so the viewers of G1-League know you guys better?

Aui: sneyking is our young chinese speaker and plays the 2 role for our team.
wayto is our team troll and acts as the ingame captain and plays support.
fogged also plays support and always taunts me with homemade lobster bisque and clam chower.
Universe plays the offlane for our team and enjoys bug combinations like nyx weaver.
I played the 1 role and I like cheeseburgers.

2Pcom: If I am not mistaken you are Chinese too right? So what is your favourite Chinese food that you love to have all the time?

Aui: Yeah I'm Chinese. But I don't speak, write, or understand the language so I'm more Canadian than anything. I do eat Chinese food pretty consistently though and I think my favourites are dimsum and congee.

2Pcom: Thank you for sharing your time with us Aui. Would you like to give a shoutout to anyone?

Aui: Shoutout to my team, Team Dignitas and our sponsors Alienware, Intel, SCAN, kingstone hyperx, be quiet, twitch. multiplay, sound blaster, WD, iiyama, and QPAD.

Streaming and Bracket: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian) | 17173 (Chinese)

Widescreen Mode: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian)

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