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Just considering of making guides for Dr.Terror's island that will land twice every week. Since we're not at high level, all we can do is trying to defeat the most difficult islands within my capability, any suggestion or request is welcomed, we'll do the best. I'm level 30 at HQ 13 and Bob is 34 at HQ 14, Bob is busy today but he provided the pictures, so don't be surprised that the troops in the pictures are all warriors :)

First of all, I'll explain the marks we'll be using:
1. Green means troops, green arrows is obviously the route we're going
2. Green cross X means this should be destroyed by your troops
3. Green circle O means using Flare to guide
3. Red cross  X means Artillery kill
4. Blue circle O means using shock wave to freeze.
Purple cross X means using barrage to kill
6. Yellow circle O means Medkit.

Terror stage 1
Recommended HQ level: Any Boom Beach Dr.Terror Stage 1

Stage 1 is quite easy, using Heavy and Zooka and follow the route on the picture can take it down without loss.
If you have Tank, just send them and win. No strategy needed.

Terror stage 2
Recommended HQ level: Any 
Boom Beach Doctor Terror Stage 2
Freeze the two defensive building correctly, any kind of troop can win without loss even if you go with all Zookas.

Terror stage 3
Recommended HQ level: Any 
Dr.Terror Stage 3

The Sniper Tower is level 20, but this stage it's still easy. Use Artillery on the Boom Mine, the Cannon will be destroyed too. Then send Heavy and Zookas directly to the lv20 Sniper Tower, when Heavy is in Sniper Tower's range, freeze the three building in the circle, then everything should be fine, better take down all buildings before the HQ.

Terror Stage 4
Recommended HQ level: Any 
Terror Stage 4

Only need like 10 Zookas for this stage, with enough energy, best choice is destroying the Sniper Tower with Artillery, then send Zookas to the green circle and let them attack the HQ.

Otherwise, follow the route, freeze the Sniper Tower right on time and let Zookas kill it first. Next step is going to the green circle and win.

Terror Stage 5
Recommended HQ level: 8
Boom Beach Dr.Terror Stage 5

This stage becomes harder for lower levels, but it's still doable with 4 Heavies and 6 Zookas. Artillery kills the cannon next to the HQ first, then guide troops through the arrow. When Heavies is in the Cannon's range, use Shock Wave, Zookas should eventually kill the Cannon and Mortar, after that, if Heavy goes left, use Flare on the green circle and adjust  the positions of your troops. Remaining energies can be used as Medkit or Shock Wave on the Mortar above the HQ.

Terror Stage 6
Recommended HQ level: 11

Terror Stage 6 Guide
Here comes the stage of Tanks, actually Tanks are great for early stages today. Firstly, use Barrage on the purple cross, and then Artillery kill the Boom Cannon and Rocket Launcher. Land all your tanks and let them attack the Machine Guns, feel free to use Medkit or Shock Wave, Rocket Launchers hit hard.
After Machine Guns are down, use Flare on the green circle and win.

It's also possible to win with warriors, but still Boom Cannon and the first Rocket Launcher need be nuked down first.

Terror Stage 7
Recommended HQ level: 12Boom Beach Terror Stage 7 Guide

Another tank friendly stage, nuke the Sniper Tower and other 3 buildings around it, then land 6 Tanks and guide them along the route, kill the Machine Gun after the first Flare is down. Use Medkit when they arrive the blind area of Rocket launchers.

Terror Stage 8

Recommended HQ level: 12
Terror Stage 8 Walkthrough
For stage 8, I prefer Warriors, Barrage and Artillery, the Boom Cannon needs to be nuked first. Then send Warriors to the first green circle, after the vault is down, guide them to the Cannon while freezing the Cannon and Machine Gun, after the cannon, ignore the Machine Gun and guide Warriors to the right of the HQ.

Terror Stage 9
Recommended HQ level: 13
Dr.Terror Stage 9
Stage 9 starts getting tricky for me, it took me two wipes to find the correct way: 
I have 25 LV5 Warriors  with 27% damage boost, gunboat energy is at 39.
Firstly, use a Barrage just to sweep the mines, the one on the top should be taken out. Then land warriors and send them to the first circle asap, use the first Shock Wave right before the Flamethrower can damage your Warriors. When Warriors are attacking the Flamethrower, use a Medkit. After the first Shock Wave is over, the Flamethrower should be destroyed, then use the 2nd Shock Wave, don't get your warriors shocked, this should be enough to kill the Sniper Tower and Machine Guns. Then use the second Flare to the Mortar on the top, Throw 3rd Shock Wave on the Sniper Tower and Mortar next to it. after the Mortar on the top is broken, Flare to the  Sniper Tower and win.
This battle costed me 12 Warriors.

OK further stage is beyond my capability, I found some video guides from Chinese site, hope this can be helpful.

Original post from: 百度帖吧, by 校草唰唰 (CC)

The video maker is level 30, his Warriors are at level 6 with 8% damage boost, 12% HP boost and  11% HP boost.
Please note that he also used a statue boost for HP starting from stage 10. 

Video for stage 10.

Video for stage 11

And another HP statue boost from stage 12.
Video for stage 12:

Video for stage 13

That's all we get, thanks.

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