Space Faction Features PvP Space Combat

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Space Faction

When you talk about space MMOs, what game will you think of? EVE Online, Star Citizen or something else? Well but besides them, this time, we want to introduce another new space MMO called "Space Faction", featuring ground and space exploration and combat. 

Space Faction

Space Faction is a massive multiplayer online player versus player game set in a universe where a new and massive galaxy has just been discovered. You can play a pioneer to participate in the exploration campaign in outer space or on the ground. During the exploration, the faction conflicts inevitably take place, "to conquer the unknown, these newcomers must learn to hone their abilities and create factions with others, because as large as the galaxy is, it isn’t nearly large enough for everyone," according to the introduction from official site. 

Space Faction

In addition, Space Faction features a wide variety of classes and activities, range from space combat to bounty hunting to surveying planets, as well as a great deal of fighting. This game is in early development currently with a Steam Greenlight campaign under construction. Stay tuned.

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