Tree of Savior New Devs Q&A Discusses Gameplay, Graphics and More

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Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior
, the upcoming fantasy based 2d non-targeting MMORPG developed by IMC Games, has attracted a lot of attention since debut at last year's G-Star. Recently, Korean gaming media Inven held an interview to ToS team, discussing the current development progress, gameplay, graphic engine and more. Below are some points we summed up from this interview:

  • The team got a lot of positive feedback and suggestions from the first Focus Group Test (FGT). During the upcoming summer CBT, they will pay more attention to "massively multiplayer environment".
  • After FGT, the team intends to make game more beginner-friendly and focus on blanching monsters and items changes in the following development. Regarding graphics, the team emphasized that "making the manually drawn graphic style stand out over graphic driver generated graphics as much as we could".
  • The graphic engine ToS using is the same as another new MMO “Wolf Knights".
  • 70% contents of ToS' CBT version have been completed.
  • The control operation of "8 directional movements and a sprint key" will be added the stmina limit and dash are only available to specific classes.
  • “Resting Mode” will allow you do "non-combat related activities" like crafting. Crafting requires recipes to learn, and specified material to make products.
  • As of now, character customization is only limited to Class, Sex and Hairstyle. 
  • ToS will open at least 200 regions with 3 cities in OBT version.
  • The Adventure System encourages players to collect Adventure Score through grinding monsters, exploring maps, collected items or completing some special affair and there will be a corresponding ranking system build up for these players.

Thanks the translation by syoo905254 at ToS Fan Base.

Tree of Savior
Tree of Savior

Source: Inven Interview


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