Magicka: Wizard Wars Starts Open Beta on May 27

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Magicka: Wizard Wars

Not long ago, game publisher Paradox Interactive formally announced that Magicka: Wizard Wars, the upcoming PVP-focused MOBA developed by Paradox North, will start Open Beta on May 27. The game is currently available via Steam Early Access. According to the studio, the steam version of this game will enter free-to-play phase this month, along with the beginning of Open Beta.

Based on Magicka slapstick sorcery franchise, Magicka: Wizard Wars features team-based, fast-paced, two-faced, post-haste PvP combat mixing Magicka's spellcasting element. In the game, you can join the PvP match that two teams of four wizards each will go head-to-lightning-bolt on the field of battle, wielding a wealth of magic spells as players adapt their tactics on the fly in response to their opponents.

You can check out more details at Magicka: Wizard Wars Steam page.

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