No.1 Player Protested at Getting Aimed by Boom Beach Patch





The was a new update of Version 14.57.1 in Boom Beach on Apr 24, 2014 , featuring some graphical changes and balance adjustments. In one of the balance adjustments, it's mentioned that a special three Crystal reward for destroying the top high scoring player's base has been added.

For most Boom Beach players, it's either exciting or unmeaning. But for Ting, the only top 1 Boom Beach player in the world currently, it's quite depressing. For other players would try destroying his base just for the crystal rewards, irrespective of cost. 

Ting has been on the top of Boom Beach for several months, his victory points was ahead of the 2nd player by more than 200. We have to admit that this adjustment has effectively achieved SuperCell's purpose, Ting's advantage in victory points has reduced greatly from what we can see in this picture: 

Most of the Boom Beach players has suffered the feeling of seeing the base getting raided for multiple times, and can't log in game while being attacked, I can imagine Ting's feeling now. Today for a while, Ting just gave up and put the Headquarters out of most defensive buildings' reach while any player could take him down easily. Look at the picture carefully, the buildings in Ting's basement made up 4 letters, looks like the letters are the message that Ting wanted to send to Boom Beach players.

That funny layout didn't last long, Ting has now adjusted the defensive pattern to normal. According to what he said, he was proud that Supercell patched that gamed just aiming at him.

Edit on May 13,2014: The direct reason why Ting did this is more clear now, according to a thread Ting posted on official forum, Puffin68, the 8th player on the top list, raided Ting's basement 10 times and got 30 crystals in a day. If you are a Boom Beach player, you may know it's abnormal that a certain player appear on another player's map so frequently,  Puffin68 was trying to use some method to try getting Ting popped on his map. 

Here are some comments on Ting's thread, apparently Ting get most players' supports:

yinanwIf you could beat anyone on your map, you could still hit "change opponent", because you want to hit Ting for the 3 extra crystals.

Nomit: Exactly my point! This is abusing the system. It's not SC intended setting up for. If top players all doing that, who would want to be the #1? Who can stay in #1? SC needs to respond to it ASAP.

GorinichxiKeep high rank people except Ting spaming Crystals and boost 3-4 ice status 24/24. SuperCell need fix this

Ting can gets his medal back, but high rank players will have alot of crystals then they boost their ice status, not one maybe two or more ice status 24/24 because of spamming Ting . I know high players already have alot of powder power but its not unlimited, but farming Ting and get crystals it's different.

KevinccacBased on the probability theory, this event is definitely abnormal. You might be lucky in a few days or so, but you can't search for a person 12 times in a row within a day especially there exists top enemy bounty for 3 crystals. This happened not only once for the past few days. Let's say, at most, you have around 30 opponents in your map and change your opponents is available every 22 hours. There are equally chance you could find top 20 in your map. Approximately, Ting shows up on his map is normally 2 times per at most. How can you be lucky everyday? I guess Puffin68 should buy a lottery ticket instead rather than playing BB. 
SC Please check your matching system and lets be fair to everyone who actively plays BoomBeach. 


Loman: Just remove the bounty, i dont see a point in having it. If players at the top wants to be number 1 they should take down ting, shouldnt be an award for it. Its not fair for ting, bounty only benefits the people at the top who gets a chance at 3 crystals, not fair for the rest of the player base who doesnt get anything for beating someone.

Dinner: When this policy first came out, some players already found this bug.
They tried that bug the moment they found Ting. Attacked him 3 times in an hour.
But SC just said that was impossible during to the old matchmaking system.
OK, now that the matchmaking system is changed...
As an engineer I never saw any feature of a software published so fast and so hurry.
SC is one of the best game producers in the world, which should be more careful when releasing the new feature.
This is too disappointed. 
Do you have any game testers in SC's HQ ?

minhp: Now for once the MM is good with Ting new base "SAD" design giving crystals for free! Imagine if all top players protest, people would farm over dozens of crystals per day and at the same time screw SC dozen million of dollars per day.

So how would SuperCell deal with this?

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