The Differences Analysis of Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends

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Heroes of the Storm

As the gameplay of League of Legends is similar to Dota, you can see the detail of their basic differences, such as last hit, guard tower, via The Differences Analysis of DOTA And Heroes of the Storm. Of course, LoL also has its own features. So today, we will see the comparison of LoL's features and HotS.

Basic Differences: 
League of Legends Heroes of the Storm
Only has last hit, not deny Not last hit or deny
Hero's skills are fixed Hero's skills will change with talents
Independent EXP system  Share EXP with teammates
Won't lose the gold after being killed Removed gold and item systems

The comparison of League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm

1. HotS has multiple battlegrounds. They support every game mode.

As we know, LoL has 4 kinds of game modes and 4 battlegrounds, but each battleground only support one kind of game mode. However, HotS is different in this respect. It has 4 battlegrounds currently and will be added more battleground in the future. Each battleground can be available in any game mode. And each battleground has its objectives. You will be easier to win after completing these objectives. 

Heroes of the Storm

Besides, some of HotS's battlegrounds start by stepping out of the traditional 3-corridor map. For example, The Haunted Mines just only 2 corridors, but it has a dungeon. These features will bring you a different game experience.

Heroes of the Storm
2. We can finish a battle within 15-20min in Heroes of the Storm.

Although players can give up the battle after 20 min in LoL, most of battles would last around 30 min. Compares with LoL, HotS's pace is really fast. As removing item and gold systems, players needn't to farm in the beginning of the game. We just fight, fight and fight. Besides, the objectives in each battleground can also cause a lot of team battles and has a big influence on the victory that speed up the progress of the battle. As the fast pace of the game, players absolutely can use tiny pieces of time to play the game.

League of LegendsHeroes of the Storm

3. The differences of design direction of two game's heroes.

HotS's heroes have many differences with LoL, not just the upgrade of items and attributes. LoL's heroes have rune and talent systems, which allow players to build various combinations freely to upgrade their heroes. But HotS's heroes only have unfixed talent: each hero can be customized by multiple talents in the battle. Each choice of the talents will generate different type of hero and different heroic skill. For example, when you play Uther, you can choose Divine Shield as the heroic skill to save your teammate who closes to die or Divine Storm to help your teammate control the enemies – It depends on you. Each hero's unique talent tree allows players to build unique hero in each battle.

League of LegendsHeroes of the Storm

In LoL, heroes' responsibilities are not much difference, although they are artificially divided into jungling heroes, ADC, support heroes and so on. However in HotS, Blizzard clearly divided heroes into 4 kinds, Assassin, Warrior, Support and Specialist. These kinds will make you feel like to raid in MMORPG.
Besides, HotS has a feature that heroes can summon mounts in the battle to speed up their movement. But they will be forced to off the mounts after being attack or attacking. As for the similarity of HotS and LoL, both of them have skin system for heroes.

Heroes of the Storm

In short, HotS is a game that very emphasizes team work. Its game pace is very fast. Without last hit, it is easier for newbies to play. Besides, unique battleground objectives bring more fun to you.

The advantages of the game are obvious. If a game allows you to control Thrall, Kerrigan and others popular Blizzard characters, you will certainly want to try it. But the challenge of the game is how to make the differences with other MOBAs. LoL removed last hit, so it attracted a lot of new players. And DOTA continued the tradition, so the original players stayed. If Heroes of the Storm wants to break the chains, it needs to show more content in other aspects. Fortunately, the game is still in technical alpha. We may see more surprises when it comes out.

Heroes of the Storm

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