Black Desert Second CBT Hands-on: Mount Taming & Riding

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In the second closed beta of Black Desert, players are able to tame wild mount. This is a mount taming hands-on video to show you the whole process.

How to capture the wild horse:
1) After using the lasso, aim for the wild horse you want to capture and click the [left mouse button].
2) After throwing the rope to the wild horse, press [space bar] in the appropriate timing to wrap it around the horse.
3) Get as close as possible to the horse, and press [space bar] when the horse raises its legs.
4) Repeatedly press [space bar] to outstrength the horse.
5) After training the horse, press [R] to ride the horse.
6) Go to the <Stabler> NPC with your new horse to have it registered.

Mounts can be used in battle and transportation. Riding a horse is 3-4 times faster than walking, but you need to be careful and control the horse skillfully through some mini-games which you can see from the video below. Otherwise you may fall from the horse or be attacked by other players.

The second closed beta of Black Desert just ended yesterday on May 11 Seoul Time.

Reference: 2P's Black Desert Fansite

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