Black Desert PvP Imbalance: 5 Rangers Defeat the Whole Guild in Fortress Siege

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The second closed beta of Black Desert runs from April 22 until May 11. In the latest Fortress Siege, a guild of 60 members was even defeated by 5 Rangers which shows a big problem on class balance. Then the official modified some skills of Rangers. You can check the 5 vs. 60 PvP gameplay video in the Fortress Siege below.

Fortress Siege is a kind of Castle Siege in Black Desert. Guilds should build up their symbols which are something like command centers or fortresses before the siege begins at a specified time. Some NPCs can be employed to build a symbol with woods, stones etc. When the symbols are completed, they can join in the siege. When the symbols are destroyed during the siege, the siege ends.

Here is a video showing the preparation before a Fortress Siege.

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