A New FPS Sandbox MMO Realm Zero Was Launched on Kickstarter Campaign

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Realm Zero

On May 8, 2014, a new FPS style online sandbox game named Realm Zero was launched on Kickstarter campaign by Hank Newman who is the developer of this new FPSMMO. Unlike most massive multiplayer online games, Realm Zero brings forth a rich and dynamic environment that evolves based on the players decisions within the game.

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This includes things such as:

  • Non-instanced player housing throughout the world.
  • Claimable territory and region control systems.
  • Item placement & construction / (demolition).
  • Monster spawning & loot table adjustment based on economical surroundings.
  • A robust crafting system, allowing players to provide their own creativity.

Here is an early Alpha video showing a conceptual placement system.

The goal of the combat system is to fully immerse the player in the experience. Player movement will resemble that of traditional FPS games with regards to ranged attacks like: spells, archery and throwing skills. If combat becomes close range the player can switch into a combat stance and can ward off their foes with a variety of melee weapons. Players will have the option to switch between first, third person and drop camera views.

The game has full loot rules implemented, so unless the item is "blessed" it will drop to your grave upon death. This will allow anyone to claim the items from your grave or if left unclaimed they will decay over time. So make sure and reclaim them before someone else does!

Realm Zero

The skill system will be composed of several categories that will help define your character. Some players may choose to create a harmless blacksmith, while others will choose to create a powerful mage. The skills system will let you designate exactly which skills you wish to learn, with no permanent commitment.

The crafting system will be one of the most unique features within the game. The items physical appearance and statistics will depend heavily on the items used for its construction. Magical elements can also be applied to enhance or change the properties for certain items.

Towns will be one of the very few areas in the game that offer guard zones. The evolution and development of the town(s) will be driven by the player's contributions. Guard zones will be implemented within towns, however they are not 100% safe. Opposing factions, clans and players who have mastered the thievery skill may still operate within limitations of this system.

Realm Zero

Just like many aspects of this game, player housing will be dynamic. Players will first have to secure a plot of available land. Once a plot has been secured, they can begin the construction of their house provided they have the resources. Either for vanity or comfort, you will have the ability to secure and display items within your house.

Crafting will be one of the most diverse and fundamentally important aspects within the game. Master crafters will be able to inscribe words, apply magic properties and even alter the items appearance based on materials being used in the construction.


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