New Mobile Strategy Game Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum Lands on iOS and Android

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Ash Vacuum

Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum, the new mobile strategy game, has now launched on iOS and Android devices, Ragnarok Online 2's publisher Warpportal announced.

As the latest addition to the world of Ragnarok, Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum focuses on empire building strategy gameplay that players can make their own Guild camp, gather resources and cultivate their force to resist invasions with Untimate Evil and fight against other players. The game introduces a lot of features, including the unique story line based on the original Ragnarok: Guild Masters, more than 50 Ragnarok classes and jobs, many powerful cards to make strong weapons, a variety of dungeon raids to obtain value gear, a large number of powerful skills and more.

Ash Vacuum

In addition, player can also form alliances or enemies within the 3 kingdoms to take on the challenges of the world. In a word, the common and ultimate goal for players is to take down Satan Morocc in the Dimensional Gorge. 

To learn more about this strategic fantasy simulation game, you can check out the official site and take a look at the official trailer below.

Ash Vacuum
Ash Vacuum
Ash Vacuum

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