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Heroes of the Storm Map Guide: The Haunted Mines Guide

Ancol Lin




Haunted Mines is a 5v5 battleground with two levels. There are two lanes in this map above ground at the edge of the map and underground with many twisting tunnels. Before the entrances of the mines open, both side players just do everything you did in other battlegrounds. Then, the system will make a notice and tell you that the mines have opened. And now, you can enter the mine from the middle of the each lane and go to complete the objectives of Haunted Mines.

Haunted Mines Objectives

The main objective of the battleground is to collect skulls which drop from skeletons and golems in the mines. The more skulls you collected, the stronger golem you will summon. When 100 Skulls are obtained - the total amount from both Teams must be 100 - a grave golem will appear for each team, one golem in the top lane and the other at the bottom.

How to Play

According to the recent feedbacks of Alpha, the mission of Haunted Mines has the least influence on victory compared with other battlegrounds. Even one side collected 100 skulls, the results won’t be overwhelming.

So, for the map, my suggestion is that dispatching assassins to collect skulls, because they are good at farming neutral monsters. Then in term of the hero your rival sent, you decide whether to reinforce. Heroes who enter the mine should skulls as fast as they can, start from skeletons to golems.

When assassins entered the mines, heroes above ground can attack mercenary camps simultaneously. If take the timing well, your team can push the lane with the grave golem and mercenaries. By the way, I suggest you to choose the hero who has bribe talent in this map, because the talent can capture target mercenary camp after collecting enough stacks of bribe from enemy minions.

If no accident, your side will capture most of mercenary camps and summon the around-40-skulls-power-based grave golem. Before the golem comes out, your team should push the lanes with mercenaries. When your golem was summoned, your team should move back and eliminate your rival’s golem together. If all things go well, your buildings can avoid being destroyed by the rival’s golem. But if the rival's team get together with golem to push the lane, then your side can only race against with them.

If your rival take the same tactic, then you two teams will fight around the mercenary camps. If the hero your side sent to mines can collect more skulls than the rival, your team can utilize the delaying tactic that both you and your rival can’t capture any mercenary camp. Obviously, the team who got more skulls, its grave golem will be stronger.

Timing is the key of Haunted Mines. Don’t lose hero before the mine open. Capture mercenary camp as fast as possible after the mine open. Mastering these tips, you will win the game easier.

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