Black Desert Second CBT Hands-on Impression: Newbie Guide

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Black Desert has become the most anticipated MMORPG in Korea. It is the debut title from Pearl Abyss, a Korean game company founded by Kim Daeil who is also the maker of Continent of the Ninth.

The second closed beta of Black Desert is from April 22 to May 11. We have participated in the beta test and here is a simple hands-on report by "Ghost" from 17173.

Pearl Abyss didn't introduce any new characters in this CBT. The four playable characters are still Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Giant. However, the UI has changed a lot comparing with that in the first CBT, especially that they added a video window to preview the skills and combat of each character.

After the character selection part, you can customize your character now. Besides some basic options, you are able to choose zodiac signs here. If your character has the same zodiac sign with the NPC, the emotional intimacy between you and the NPC will increase faster every time you talk to him or her. With the increased intimacy, you may buy items at lower prices or receive secret quests from the NPC.

>>> Black Desert CBT2 Character Customization Trailer

The 12 zodiac signs are exclusive to Black Desert world. For example, the zodiac sign Ghost chose is called "Boat" and the Boat zodiac sign is romantic, optimistic and free.

Let's take a look at the character customization system.

Hair Dying

Customizing the lip

Here comes the opening cinematic. It is the same to the first CBT.

>>> First CBT Opening Cinematic

Here is another change in CBT2. In this CBT, different characters have different birthplaces. Our editor Ghost plays Giant and Giant's birthplace is by the sea, while a Sorceress's birthplace is in a cave near the village.

Black Desert's producer Kim Daeil once said that the lack of some basic newbie guides in last CBT was unsatisfied. In this CBT, they improved this part a lot.


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