World of Tanks: How to Locate Your Enemies on the map

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When you are detected by your enemies in the middle of the map in World of Tanks, do you feel dizzy and don’t know where the scout is? Well, today we present you a method which is originally posted on stwaracademy. I hope you guys can use this method and avoid to be destroyed at very beginning.

First of all, the red and the blue points represent the both sides of tanks, and the circles which center on the tanks theoretically represent the sight of the tanks. In fact the sight of a tank could be affected by rocks, trees and bushes. The key point of locating your enemies who detects you in the map is the misaligned parts of two circles.

Okay, here is the critical step.

If you are detected at yellow spot, it indicates your enemy is on blue spot since the sight at red spot is blocked by rocks (imaginary line).

If you are detected at purple spot, it indicates your enemy is on red spot since the sight at blue spot is blocked by rocks (imaginary line).

Another example:

If one of your allies is at the red spot, then he is second destroyed by one shell. Could you locate where your enemy is?

According to the sight circle, imaginary line indicates the sight is blocked. It’s easy to find out there is likely to be a sniper hiding around the top left corner bush and pulling the death trigger.


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