New MOBA God of Destiny 2nd Closed Beta was started from April 30th 2014

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Wayi int’l has announced CB without deleting character info for its three-year self-developed MOBA God of Destiny, Which was started on April 30th 2014. There have been tons of players who sign up for the CBT in Taiwan.

Newest client was released and available for users to download on April 25th. There are three brand new heroes Gold Horn, Gluttony, Thunder Kid and a new map named Abyssal Edge this time. Several updates such as teammate functions, a ranking list and optimized 3D model of heroes are presented this time. It’s a brand new content to all users.

Initial conception of all heroes for free in this game is why this game can bring you a lot of fun!

All the updates of optimized systems and interfaces are ready to be released at a time.

It had released 1st CBT of the game one month ago in the meantime the development team received enthusiastic responses from players. The team focused on feedback of the players in order to make advanced improvement. The optimized updates include a matching system in the hall, a new teammate function which is a sort of league system, an optimized ranking list and adjustments of hero appearances and etc… all of the updates make the game better.

Faster-paced after adjustments of details of optimization

Fitting room

It’s not only to show the results of optimization performance but also to release important mythological roles named Gold Horn, Gluttony and Thunder Kid, as new heroes at the CBT without deletion of character info on April 30th. A brand new map named Abyssal Edge, which is not merely high quality on display, but has a breakthrough on the design of only one lane in the middle rather than three complicated and traditional lanes. The design is aimed at in-game control improvements and makes players feel pretty much fun while playing with others! We expect that the game, as a self-developed product, brings all the players to experience the game with the highest quality.

New hero ‘Thunder Kid’
New Map ‘Abyssal Edge’


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