Skyforge Combat System Preview

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Skyforge, the upcoming fantasy and sci-fi MMORPG which allows a player to grow from a mortal to a powerful god, features a combat that is inspired by many action and fighting games. Here are the details.

Inspired by many action MMOs like TERA, Blade&Soul and C9, the control is basically WASD+rightclick on the mouse. And what's different about Skyforge's control is that "Where you are looking is where you will go when moving, and were your attacks will go when you attack. The player's primary abilities are focused on the left and right mouse buttons so movement and combat are seamlessly blended,” according to the latest Community Q&A posted in official forums.

Besides optional direct targeting, Skyforge's combat system also boasts various combat visuals, which enables players to deal breathtaking combo strikes, devastating finishing attacks and show off their larger than life power. You will drive into dynamic battles with entertaining and satisfying experience.


“We use a lot of interesting input modes - combos, press and hold, etc. to give players the situational complexity of combat abilities they expect in an MMO, while still keeping you heads-up and immersed in the action, not the UI," reads the Community Q&A.

In addition, the producer Eric Demitt from Obsidian also revealed some details about the controlling: "One of the first things players will notice when playing Skyforge is the amount of content we're able to deliver through the mouse alone. Each character class will use the mouse a little differently. You'll find that most classes do a lot more than a basic attack with just that input. We also have a big focus on delivering really high quality animations and effects, you're going to feel the power and impact of your attacks. Our open class system and deep character customization are going to allow you to do a lot of things to change up the combat equation and make it your own." (Via GameSpot)


The game is still under development by the team which created Allods Online in collaboration with Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment. The Beta sign up event has been opened and a few days ago, the team showed off the official trailer again with hints of the beta "coming soon". To learn more, you can pay a visit to official site.

Below is gameplay video for the early prototype unveiled in May, 2012. Please note that the beta version may have been significantly different from the early one. The beta version shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the two versions.

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