Black Gold Online Starts Closed Beta on May 15th

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Black Gold CBT

After the release of Alpha Test Drive earlier this year, Snail Games recently announced that its Steampunk MMORPG Black Gold Online will formally start the Closed Beta Testing on May 15th, according to the announcement from the overhauled official site

Black Gold CBT

"The Beta features a newer version of Black Gold Online, with some notable improvements, " Snail said, "Enjoy a new and improved Personal Carrier system, battleground maps and matching systems have also seen some major changes." You can learn more about this CBT at the latest press release as follows:
Closed Beta participants will see large-scale battlegrounds with customizable 'Carriers' (large battle mounts for each faction) and can develop over 100 distinct carrier-types for battle. Black Gold Online also features true hardcore PvP, where players can fight against members of their same faction as well as opposing forces across a variety of battlegrounds, arenas and 'Chambers of Greed.' Finally, players can join even larger Energy Well battles as they form armies to fight for control of precious resources in large-scale faction and guild battles.

In addition, Snail Games also unveiled a new beta trailer to introduce this game. Check out it below.

Notes: Black Gold Online's Closed Beta key giveaway is coming soon at Stay tuned. 

Source: Offical Announcement

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