SOE President: H1Z1 is Not for The Weak, Playing as Zombie Possible

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John Smedley, SOE's president just post a thread on reddit,  clarified that death is an important thing in H1Z1.

"When you die, your corpse becomes a container with ALL your stuff. Your corpse may end up wandering around if it turns into a zombie and reanimates. But either way it's completely up for grabs." Said John.

He also commented that the developers has "Play As Zombie" down the road (of course with huge restrictions to handle exploits).

h1z1 Play As Zombie

Station Cash purchased items are always available to you from your locker. We're not going to have you buy something and have you permanently lose it. However, we will allow other players to loot a lower durability version of the item (Station Cash items do not degrade).

"So dying is a serious thing in H1Z1. This game is not for the weak."


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